Our Volunteers



In general, MGH Auxiliary volunteers have the choice of working in the clinics, in the Emergency Department, or they can contribute directly to fundraising. Volunteering for the retail operations provides much social interaction with the public.

The act of volunteering is an important and valuable way to give back to the community as well as to enjoy the benefits of volunteering, which have been proven to:

  • increase satisfaction with life

  • improve health

  • increase longevity

  • promote a stronger self-image

The Auxiliary is composed of volunteers who donate their time, expertise, and experience. They typically give three to six hours of their time every week. As well, The Auxiliary welcomes many volunteers who are not members but who wish to support their operations in the Gift Shop, the Restaurant, and the Book Nook.

The Auxiliary volunteers give their time for the satisfaction of:

  • contributing to the community

  • generating funds for use in the hospital

  • being involved in social interactions with the public (our customers)

  • developing friendships


People who are interested in joining The Auxiliary, or in working in the retail establishments, should have strong interpersonal skills. MGH and Auxiliary volunteers have a high degree of contact with the general public, who are typically under stress, as well as with the professionals and other staff working at the hospital.

Currently, the Auxiliary is in need of volunteers with a professional background in administration, accounting, sales and marketing or fundraising.